Our quality and commitment to excellence

HRGCo. glassware is manufactured from Super Flint Glass or Lead Free Crystal Glass which both create a near real crystal like clarity by using only the very purest of raw materials. 

So, what are the benefits of using these materials over standard glass? 

Standard glass is considered colorless and transparent, however it has an inherent green tinge.  This greenish tinge is due to the presence of iron oxide found naturally in the raw materials used to produce glass. The thicker the glass, the more noticeable the tinge is.  

Super Flint Glass has zero iron oxide in its composition thereby eliminating any green tinge or color distortion and giving the glass the highest degree of visible light transmission. Near crystal clear clarity.

Lead Free Crystal Glass is as close as possible to actual crystal you can get without the high cost.  It is extremely durable, more resistant to thermal shock and cracking than standard glass products while being super clear.   Our El Guapo Mugs are made of this material which will provide a longer life cycle for the glass in heavy use restaurant environments.

In short, Super Flint Glass and Lead Free Crystal Glass products are of the most exacting visual quality – extreme purity, incomparable shine and perfect transparency.