Hood Rat History


The cliche epic of Hood Rat Glass Co.

Hood Rat Glass Co. came to life after a hot Texas summer day which included lots of golf and quite a few beers at our local neighborhood bar.  The glassware we encountered that day were typical pint glasses and large 34oz beer mugs.  As you may have experienced, beer mugs can be a burden to use depending on size but they all look generally the same from every manufacturer.  Most have a straight walled design with the same size handle.  Any glass mug  is really hard to use correctly, especially for women.  While we chatted and drank, we began drawing the future of beer mugs.    Within a few days, the first CAD drawings were completed and 3D printed prototypes were made.  We began researching the different types of glassware designed specifically for beer and realized it is really under appreciated.  It is almost like everyone has agreed to stick with the standard designs for the last 3000 years.  Therefore, We have made it our goal to revolutionize the way glassware is designed in a more ergonomic and functional way.

The El Guapo mug is our 1st mug design and it has been submitted for a utility patent with the USPTO and the status is now patent pending.  El Guapo has many unique ergonomic features in the design that it is far superior to anything currently on the market.  The ease of use is unmistakable and you will undoubtedly want an El Guapo mug for every occasion.  The features of the El Guapo allow less wrist and arm strain by providing multiple balance points and raised center of gravity which creates a better liquid flow.   What we are really saying is, You can drink faster and out of something that looks and feels awesome.  Hell yes to that!

The Winthorp is the ideal glass for enjoying any spirit with class and beauty.  Just like El Guapo, Winthorp is designed with balance points that lets you hold with just 2 fingers and also helps prevent your hand from warming the drink.  This makes drinking bourbon, whiskey, scotch or anything a great experience unlike anything before.  

With the launch of the 22oz El Guapo and Winthorp whiskey glass, we hope to gain enough interest and sales to expand our product line.  Already in pre-production and scheduled for early fall is a 16oz El Guapo Pint glass, 5oz El Guapo Texas taster glass, 34oz El Guapo mug,  The 25oz Frank Mug.

Thank you for learning about our plans for world glassware domination.  Please follow us on Twitter to check out which places we might be throwing some Pinata Parties.   Remember to enjoy a drink, but do so responsibly.


The Hood Rats

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